Living Accommodation

The well-ventilated 3-floor building consisting of 68 (2 and 3 person occupancy) with attached bathrooms, and 15 dormitory style rooms (4 and 6 person occupancy). All rooms have individual storage facilities. A limited number of air-conditioned rooms are also available (the related electricity bill needs to be covered by the inmate). Guest accommodation is also available for those visiting the inmates for an overnight stay on prior appointment.

Kitchen and Dining Room

A well-equipped and well-maintained kitchen adds to the sophistication and care that Jnanashram adheres to. The ashram has 3 dining halls with one on each floor to meet the requirements of the inmates

Auditorium and Meditation Hall

A spacious multipurpose hall is provided with audio and video facilities, which can accommodate unto 200 members.


A unique library, which contains relevant books/magazines meant for the aged. Most of the magazines that are subscribed are spiritual in nature and are related to all religions.

Organic Garden & Walking Track

A well maintained and sustainable organic kitchen garden and a walking track is available to facilitate morning and evening walks.


Jnanashram monitors total health of the inmates with the help of specialized doctors in different fields, mainly sponsored by Mediciti. Day-to-day medical needs are serviced by the Medical Center (with a doctor and nurse) located next to the ashram.


Yoga, Meditation workshops, and spiritual discourses are arranged periodically in addition to the ongoing programmes like 'Satsang'.


With the home theatre in place in the auditorium, regular spiritual speeches, and movies (once a week) are shown to inmates. Bhajans are also arranged once a week. For keeping the inmates updated with the latest news/developments, a common TV is provided in the library. In addition, the inmates are encouraged to participate/take active interest in in-house activities.

Additional Facilities

Solar Water Heater, RO Water plant