Eligibilities :

Jnanashram is primarily meant for those aged persons having none or very little support from other quarters. A set of eligibility criteria and guidelines have been established to ensure a disciplined and peaceful environment at the ashram. When submitting an admission request form, the following information and guidelines are expected to be met:

  • Name of the person (Male/Female) and address
  • Person should be more than 60 years of age. The eligibility criteria for age can be changed depending on special circumstances (Applicant should submit the proof of age certificate)
  • Person’s back-ground (Political, Social, and others)
  • Economic status of the person, his role in the family, particulars of his social service if any, and the reason for the request for admission into the ashram.
  • Person’s present state of health - whether he/she has any specific problems/mentally healthy/can adjust to the ashram environment and circumstances/state of eyesight and hearing.
  • Person should take part in all the activities that take place in the ashram and respect the rules and regulations laid down and in force during the period of stay.
  • Smoking, consuming alcohol and non-vegetarian foods is strictly prohibited within the premises of the ashram.
  • Civilized behavior is of paramount importance to maintain a peaceful and friendly environment in the ashram.
  • The ashram inmates are expected to respect each other’s privacy, and not disturb or discriminate other inmates based on their previous history/background or financial situation.
  • In case of any health related emergency, the ashram can provide medical assistance to their best ability at that point of time. In the event of death, the ashram will contact the concerned person based on the number provided on the inmates file. In case there is no response from the concerned, the ashram will hold all rights to perform final rites of the departed.
  • The ashram holds all rights to summon the concerned family members and make a decision to send them back if the inmate is found to have not adjusted to the ashram rules and lifestyle, or is disturbing the peace at the ashram.
  • Persons who have good economic background but do not have family support should make the monthly payment decided by the ashram committee within the due date. All inmates are treated equal in terms of food and facilities.
  • Ashram management will have a right to make rules to allot /change rooms depending on the person’s habits and situations.
  • Trustees and executive members can check the ashram any time they wish
  • Ashram Organizing Committee holds all rights to include any kind of rules and regulations on consulting the Trust