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(Rural Service Center for the Deprived)

Samskara Kshetram’s service center was established at Godi Village in 2007 in memory of Late Smt. Bangaramma (paternal grandmother of ACT Founder R. Sree Rama Raju). The center was established with the goal to address the primary concerns of the people living in the village. The income from most citizens of the village is derived from either agricultural labor or returns from active agricultural land. As they grow older, they rely on their children to support them financially, which has been an age old tradition. As their physical strength deteriorates, they have no choice but to depend on the mercy and kindness of their family members. They are not aware of, and do not have the knowledge to plan their future life. Due to several reasons such as no children, abandoned by children, and being handicapped, unforeseen circumstances, etc. many citizens in the village are living a helpless life. Supporting these deprived citizens with a helping hand is the primary goal of Samskara Kshetram.

ACT Founder Mr. Raju’s brother, Mr.R.V.S.Suryanarayana Raju donated the land for this Godi village center. ACT subsequently constructed a building in that land that is servicing the citizens as a not-for-profit, medical support, and cultural space.

The center provides free nutritious daily meals to the deprived citizens of the village. They also provide support to those who are looking for help in various situations and calamities.

Understanding the villager’s silent agony, and focusing their efforts to provide them a peaceful and content life is what ACT strives to achieve.

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  Godi (Village),
Allavaram Mandal,
East Godavari District,
Andhra Pradesh - 533 217
 +91 98661 59116 [email protected]