Comments :

CH.V.P. Murthy Raju


Mr.Sree Rama Raju has offered selfless dedication and investment into this programme. I hope others are inspired by his efforts and will follow suit.

Professor V.S. Raju

Retired Director, IIT Delhi

A great effort, a noble cause and a trendsetter service to people in need is indeed service to God. Congratulations and best wishes for continued success in the efforts.

Sandeep Pandey

Social Activist

I’m quite happy to see the fruition of dreams of Mr.Raju and coming into existence of a nice home for the aged. The project has been initiated with the right spirit and I wish it success.

P. Ashok Gajapathi Raju

Former Minister, AP Govt.

Honored to be here. It is this human work which the sad world needs. A generation which has been deprived of love due to economic shifts are finding love here. God bless this effort.

Michel Saint-Lot

UNICEF Representative

Very heartwarming and encouraging endeavor. Hope more devoted citizens will follow this role model. Congratulations and success.

Glenn E Corlett

Professor, Ohio University (USA)

Many years of good luck for your beautiful home. May all find comfort here.

Mrs. Jaishree Deshpande

Co-founder, Deshpande Foundation (USA)

A terrific place for the senior citizens. The senior citizens feel that they are a positive contribution to the society. They feel wanted.

P R Ramasubrahmaneya Rajha

Chairman, Ramco Group

Very fortunate to have visited Jnanashram founded by Srihari Raju and supported by Kshatriya rajus leading in many industries. The concept and concern to take care of old people who need support is a divine deed. The elder’s blessing will be a great asset in all your activities. I congratulate all connected with this noble organization. I wish them all the best and may god bless them with “Daya Gunam” to continue this holy work.

D.V. Raju

Chairman, FKSS

It needs courage and commitment to plunge into such a mammoth sevashram and Mr.Srihari did with applaud and minimum fuss. I am happy that I am a small log in the wheel of this journey to provide shelter to the less fortunate ones. What a spacious, environmentally friendly ashram built with all amenities for the inmates!

Narendra Rajawat

Chairman, AIFKS

An excellent service for the elderly people. It’s a wonderful home. Our present is because of them, we are standing today because of them, our pride is because of them – our elders! This is a great effort towards enabling our duty towards them. Still, in spite of all our efforts we can never repay our elders for all they have done for us. We hope more and more people take inspiration from Jnanashram and join in this beautiful dutiful act.

G. Satyavani

Prominent Social Worker

My experience is beyond words. If I did not have social obligations, I would have joined the Ashram with the permission of Mr. Sree Rama Raju. Felicitations to Mr. Raju, Mrs.Jhansi Rani and Anjali. Thanks to those who brought me to this sacred temple.

F. Khambakai

Director, IFC (Washington DC., USA)

A great ashram. A large happy family.

Vinay Kumar Singh

IPS, Inspector General of Police, APSP Hyderabad

It is a great opportunity to see the marvelous facility created by the philanthropist Mr. Raju. It was an unforgettable interaction which gave deep insight into meaning of life.

Manoj Kumar

CEO, Naandi Foundation

This place is like a sacred home. Truly humbling and inspiring. The eye of detail, the overall quality of the spaces and utilities, not to mention the humility of service is very obvious. Kudos to Anjali and her parents who do this yeoman service silently. God bless them.

David Hogg

Chief Sustainability Officer, Naandi Foundation

This model is a paradigm for dealing with our societies needs. Congratulations for leading the way. A wonderful, peaceful atmosphere. Very best wishes for making the ashram self sufficient in vegetables and fruits.